Brews for APU’s

Global Conservation Force has been busy on the fundraising trail to ensure that our high number of requests for gear in the field are met as quickly as possible. One of our flagship fundraising events is the unique “Brews For APU’s” series. Our first event, held at Helm’s Brewery in San Diego CA on December 5th 2015 was a great success raising nearly $3,500.00 for GCF. A significant amount of gear has already been shipped to Africa with the funds raised from this recent effort.

We are pleased to announce our second Brews For APU’s event will be held at Pacific Plate Brewing Co, in Monrovia CA on Saturday, February 20th 2016 from 5-9 pm.

This event will prove to be a very special night for GCF as the Pacific Plate brewers have committed to making GCF our very own specialty beer for the event, as well as for future use in their tap room. Each and every time this beer is served a portion of proceeds will come directly to Global Conservation Force. We look forward to a longstanding and fruitful collaboration with Pacific Plate and hope to offer pint glasses, t-shirts and other merchandise related to this specialty brew! A heartfelt thank you to Pacific Plate for extending their brewery and beer making skills for this exciting event.

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to present Pacific Plate/GCF’s White Rhino IPA:
A succulent white IPA that is sure to entice neophyte beer drinkers and delight hard core craft beer lovers.