GCF Sending Emergency Backup to the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage After Recent Attack on Orphans and Rehab Staff.

Thula Thula is a reserve that is home to an orphanage within it. This orphanage was brutally attacked by poachers on February 20th leading to the death of two rhino orphans as well as having the staff beaten and sexually assaulted. Global Conservation Force is sending out emergency backup in order to help the orphanage with security, anti-poaching and sponsored training as they begin the fortifying and recuperating process.
We need to come together as a community to raise emergency funding in order to support the team headed to Thula Thula along with the team that operates there regularly. The funds will go specifically to our crew, in support for the rhinos killed and for the staff and crew attacked.
**If you’d like to support the team heading over you can donate at www.GlobalConservationForce.org/donate