Meet Rolo, The Newest Addition To The GCF K9 Unit

It’s #TongueoutTuesday and we feel like today is the perfect day to share some good news.
Meet Rolo, the newest addition to the GCF K-9 unit! Rolo was personally sponsored by GCF’s friend and longtime conservation partner, Chrisjan Visser of @kilo9kennels
Rolo is a Male Dutch Shepherd. With his drive and focus he shows great promise for future wildlife conservation and protection operations.
On average, it takes 1 to 1.5 years to get these fur missiles up to field ready in the working disciplines necessary to save and conserve wildlife in the African bush.
Kilo9 Kennels and GCF are K9 conservation partners working jointly on K9 training, K9 ranger handler field training, and gear sponsorship programs for units in need of support.
Please help us welcome Rolo to the team and share our ‘thanks!’ with Kilo9.
Want to support our K9 Anti Poaching Units and K9 Efforts? Click the link in to learn more about our tiers and rewards!

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