“There is no glory in anti-poaching”

Calvin Kipling Rhino Necropsy

     Some of the youngest victims of the poaching crisis are those who are not yet born. Here, Calvin Kipling – the anti-poaching ranger who performed a necropsy on the poached mother rhino – stands with the unborn fetus. The baby did not stand a chance.

Rhinos are currently being poached at a rate of 3-4 per day, a rate which does not include the baby rhinos still in their mother’s womb. Global Conservation Force is taking an integrated approach to fighting poaching and fighting extinction through education, community involvement, research, conservation support, and supporting multiple anti-poaching units. With awareness can come change.

Pictured: Calvin Kipling, Anti Poaching Sergeant at Protrack Anti Poaching and Vice President of GCF’s African Conservation Campaigns.

Photo credits: Toby Selander