“Nourish” the environment by volunteering in the rural communities of South Africa

Global Conservation Force supports the efforts of “Nourish” to help impact the human element of conservation surrounding the Kruger National Park.

GCF providing 100 solar lanterns to the community

Nourish is a South African non-profit organization dedicated improving the lives of people and the environment. We believe that the environmental integrity of a community is inextricably linked to the strength of its people, body and soul.

Nourish is a registered non profit organisation started over 4 years ago which has been doing upliftment projects throughout Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

Projects are focused on being holistic and assisting both the earth and the community- giving people and companies a chance to “give back”.

Nourish is all about involving communities in their own upliftment and encouraging active engagement, education and entrepreneurship!

Nourish believes that a community needs an integrated approach to addressing poverty and we focus on this through addressing a multitude of needs at a community level – starting from food security gardens and moringa as a health supplement for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), to environmental education in schools, through to English skills and homework support at the Nourish community library, and ending with our entrepreneurship crafting programme where we offer unemployed women a link to sustainable livelihoods.

We believe conservation and community development can go hand in hand and the health of a community is linked to the health of its earth, and its people!


Volunteer Work:

You will be involved in the day-to-day running of a small non profit organization which means that much time is spent planning projects and trying to seek funding to keep projects and orphanages going. This admin and preparation is vital to a successful project but takes efficiency and dedication to make it all happen. You will not only be office bound though – as you will get involved “hands on” in planting trees or vegetable gardens at schools, teaching English, or assisting with homework, learning recycled crafting in villages, or even building crèches or assisting in schools or orphanages. No two volunteers will have the same work experience and we are happy to try to accommodate your strengths and talents according to what you are hoping to get out of your experience volunteering with Nourish. You will be expected to be willing to get involved in whatever needs doing, and ‘muck in’ as part of a team. Being small means that there is room for growth though – so you have the opportunity while here to make a big difference, find a gap, plan an event or even change the way we do things if you can find an inspiring and sustainable solution. You have the opportunity within Nourish to touch lives, and to see the hard work that goes into making that happen – behind the scenes.

A month with Nourish costs $1, 800 per month and includes the following:

  • Food ( except in restaurants)
  •  Accommodation at Nourish base
  •  Transport to all activities
  • An SA SIM card for your cellphone
  • WIFI (when applicable)
  • A game drive in a big 5 reserve
  • Many other amazing experiences and interactions with children and people!

We do not structure our volunteer program too excessively – as life working in communities is always uncertain and we adapt to jobs and opportunities as they come up. You will be a daily and active part of this and as long as you come with willing anticipation and an open heart you will truly gain the most out of this experience.

Sarah Bergs, Founder of Nourish, “I have grown up in this country and love it with all my soul – and am happy to share special places, weekend fun and favorite foods with you to make this an experience you will always remember.”

Please note this budget does not include any drinks, souvenirs, or meals out in town. These and any weekends away will be at your own cost.

We encourage volunteers to stay a minimum of 2 months with Nourish in order to both contribute and benefit from being a part of the team! We guarantee it will change your life!