Poachers Moon

It is that time in the moon circuit when Anti Poaching Rangers call it a “Poachers Moon”, a couple days before, during and after, the full moon. The night sky is lit up by the opaque white moonlight making rhinos more visible to poachers. We are already seeing that disturbing trend of more rhinos down in the full moon circuit. The non profit branch of Tactical, Specialised Rhino Protection, Anti Poaching unit, alongside multiple other ground teams, is working 24/7 to keep up. The Tactical Unit lends assistance to all teams when there is action on the ground. This can vary from roadblocks / vehicle checks, to “spoor” (the tracks of poachers) chase, crime scene investigation / necropsies, shadowing rhino and bush patrols. Due to the wide variety of issues Anti Poaching Rangers handle, there is a need for a lot of equipment.
Currently the Protrack non profit tactical branch is in need of a few very specific items. The team is just $1,800 shy of getting a Bantam plane off the ground. This will put eyes in the sky every time there is information regarding the movement of poachers. This will also help in ranger moments with live pursuit, team communication and spotting injured rhinos. This is a vital component of the battle where all teams in the greater Kruger region are lacking.

To Help Make a tax deductible donation towards the plane or gear go to http://protrackrhinotask.co.za/Current-Funding/

Here are other ways to help! If you have happen to have these items as extra or lying around your house, or would like to purchase them, send them to a “Fight with Mike, Direct Anti Poaching” representative and we will get them to the rangers on the ground.

  • Binoculars
  • Signal mirrors
  • Compasses
  • Boot Socks
  • Black or Green Beanies
  • Small tactical backpacks
  • Camera traps
  • Handheld GPS units
  • Leatherman multi tools or pocket knives
  • Headlamps
  • Handheld small UV lights
  • High quality metal detector
  • High quality knife sharpener for the Crime scene kit
  • Digital cameras for crime scenes
  • Smart phones with touch screen for the use of Crime APP/ suspect bugging/ drone screens
  • Small Tactical backpacks
  • Water bladders / rugged water bottles
  • Small / portable first aid kits