“Tactical Defense Systems” assisting GCF with equipping Anti Poaching Units

Global Conservation Force and TDS have joined forces to equip anti poaching units in need of quality, lightweight gear.

GCF Operation Rhino Shield sponsored gear

     With the gear from TDS we have been able to equip Anti Poaching Units across the continent of Africa with the gear they so desperately need. TDS modifies it to all the custom specs for Anti Poaching Patrols and specialty team uses. With high quality gear the teams are more agile, efficient and motivated to patrol.

TDS has set up a great affordable solution for our GCF #OperationRhinoShield projects and donates 15 chest webbings with every order of 60. Through community partnerships at home and abroad we are able to strengthen the fight against poaching giving the rhinos the best protection possible.

“Tactical Defense Systems is owned by a former Marine Corps Parachute Rigger. Having served 15 years in various deployable units, he has witnessed the development of modern tactical gear with three combat deployments.


Our state of the art facility is located in southern California south of Camp Pendleton and is key to the development of some of the most rugged tactical gear. Tested by Reconnaissance Marines, Marine Scout Snipers and west coast SEAL Teams, we receive the best feedback and exceed standards set by our competition.


TDS tactical gear is built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, TDS can meet the demands set forth by our military and law enforcement. In stressful situations, training kicks in naturally, worrying about your gear should not be a thought in your mind. Mission comes first, and we are committed to helping the men and women of the US armed forces accomplish every mission.

All TDS tactical gear is proudly made in the USA!”

Email: rmendoza@tdsgearusa.com

Website: http://tdsgearusa.com