Anti Poaching Volunteer Program

Wildlife Guardian Anti Poaching Volunteer Program

We are proud to announce a new volunteer opportunity through Global Conservation Force in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Selected recruits will have the opportunity to join patrols, assist with security, boost the team size, bring sponsored gear from GCF to the teams on the ground and share the enthusiasm to save rhinos from poachers.


Spend time in the South African bush with the guys who live it day in and out. Have the opportunity to learn about the rhino-poaching crisis from the guys on the ground.

The program will put you into the field with those who have made a career out of saving wildlife in Africa. You can stay for a minimum of 1 week to up to two months.

Applicants will have to provide their own food, gear for patrol, flight and transportation to the reserves. Each registration allows GCF to sponsor new equipment for the Anti Poaching Unit with each selected Wildlife Guardian. Only one selected Wildlife Guardian will join the Anti Poaching Unit at a time.

*Please note that due to restrictions of time, residency and African laws you will not be carrying a firearm and will be excused from the program if you are caught with one. However you may carry forms of self defense gear, bear mace for longer reach, knife, taser, zip tie hand cuffs, bullet proof vest if you so choose.

We have standard requirements to provide the best overall experience for all involved.

You must

  • Be 21 or older
  • Be able to pass a drug test
  • Have a clean criminal history
  • Be able to pass a physical. GCF may require a basic PT clearance for each applicant.
  • (10 minute mile or less, 50 pushups in less than a minute, 10 pull ups.)
  • Have an Anti Poaching, Police, Firefighter, Paramedic and or Military  background of at least 3 years.(Comparable experience will be considered on the individual basis)

We will also accept Protrack Anti Poaching Unit Graduates who have completed a minimum of 3 full bush patrols. A letter of recommendation will be necessary from a ranking staff member and you will need to show your acquired certificates. For more info on going through Protrack APU training click here

If you do not meet these requirements, yet, you can be qualified by attending our GCF Anti Poaching courses.

Once selected past the initial stage you will meet a GCF representative to interview and provide proof of the listed requirements.

Those interested in joining our Anti Poaching, Wildlife Guardian program should write to GCF with a one page reason for joining, including justifications for why we should select you and provide a basic 5-year resume.