2023 Community-Selected Rhino Ranger Class Graduates

Please allow us to introduce the 2023 Class of Global Conservation Force Community Selected Anti-Poaching Rangers.

After a grueling 5 weeks the recruits are now rangers. All 10 have confirmed job placement at reserves adjacent to their communities. During the course, the recruits covered 268.1 kilometers/166.5 miles on foot patrol on and around 5 reserves, providing vital backup during several high pressure call outs, and removed a total of 20 snares.
On their last day, almost a full 24 hours, they were put to the final tests with an all-skills-scenario practical and then dropped on a remote section of the coast, just past midnight, for a 30 kilometer ruck with 25kg/55 pounds. We are extremely proud of these young men for their commitment, grit, dedication and spirit. We can guarantee that they will continue to make us all proud.
After a long 24 hours, we celebrated the recruits with representatives from all over the province and had special comments made during the ceremony by Dr William Fowlds and Lindy Sutherland of the Kariega Foundation.

Gear sponsored by #SaveTheHorns funding

After the ceremony we were able to fully kit up our 6 new anti-poaching unit rangers with their standard patrol webbing and tracker packs special thanks to all who donated to #SaveTheHorns . The recruits also all received custom Individual First Aid Kits funded and made Chris Laursen, GCF Lead Medic.

Rangers receive sponsored IFAKs

We would like to thank all of our partner reserves, our friends and colleagues on the Indalo council, Kilo 9 Academy, Dr William Fowlds, Kariega Foundation, and Kariega Game Reserve, as well as all of our donors who make our mission and efforts possible. Kariega Game Reserve Coyote Peterson Mario Aldecoa Runcation BeMoved Bear Grylls Elephant Cooperation
Photo Credits – Natasha Frolander

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