GCF Sponsors Ranger with K9 Dog Handler Certification Course

Meet LT, Denali’s, GCF Belgian Malinois, forever handler! LT, another locally selected recruit, graduated on the 2018 GCF Anti Poaching Ranger Course, after which he was hired into the anti poaching unit at Great Fish River Nature Reserve (South Africa). Earlier this month LT accepted a full time position with our joint anti poaching unit at Kariega, taking on the full time role of Denali’s handler.

LT is now going through the month long certification course to be a legally certified K9 handler with Denali. This sponsorship came from funds raised during the GCF – @bravewilderness@CoyotePeterson 2020 Rhino Conservation Challenge!

After LT passes the DH course with Denali, the two will integrate into overlap coverage of our Mounted Unit Patrol and the ground – vehicle based patrols and coverage. Adding to the multiple layers of protection for the reserves.

If you’ve followed Denali’s story, she’s come a long way to make settle in her permanent assignment. From working protection efforts at a rhino orphanage to standing guard with our Mounted Unit and protecting released rehabilitated rhino orphans, she’s now ready to have her forever handler work with her through all of the ongoing duties of the joint anti poaching units.

Special thanks to all of our K9 Adopters, Sponsors, and Donors. You all have helped positively impact the lives of dozens of people, K9s, reserves, and anti poaching units.

📸 Aidon Lippstreu

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