4 Weeks of Snare Patrols Coming to an End

Vuyo, GCF Field Ranger, has been busy with our partners at @CapeLeopardTrust for the last four weeks. Working on multiple sites in the Western Cape of South Africa. Each site has offered assistance with logistics and volunteers to aid in the patrol.

We are proud to report that a total of 165 snares were removed in total from all of the sites. The primary target species ranged from African Crested Porcupines to small ungulate species and other small mammals.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all who participated and aided in making this month long snare sweep program a major success.

Funding for this deployment was made possible through merchandise purchases on our online stores and from our partner businesses, such as @WilsonCreekWinery and the GCF Wildlife Wine line.

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