African Painted Dog Funding Updates!

Thank you all for joining us last night for our African Painted Dog Presentation with our partner Dr Greg Rasmussen of Painted Dog Research Trust.

It was a jam packed event, we love it when it’s standing room only! With your continued support we were able to give Painted Dog Resesrch Trust another $2,500 towards their wildlife education programs in rural Zimbabwe.

After tallying the merchandise, beer sales, and donations last night we are going to be able to bump the funding up to at least $3,000. That brings us to $8,000 towards the rural education project we like to call “Schools in Strange Places”, since last February.

If you’d like to help our African Painted Dog efforts we have our 5k / 10k coming up soon! You can join us in California or participate virtually. Race kits are already for purchase in our online store.


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