African Painted Dog Presentation with Dr. Greg Rasmussen

*** FREE EVENT ***
5:00pm to 7:00pm
Sunday March 3rd
Longship Brewery, San Diego

Come on out, grab some drinks and join GCF for a night of wildlife education from the field. Dr. Greg Rasmussen, one of the leading conservationists/researchers of Painted dogs, has been hard at work in Zimbabwe for over 25 years.
He will be sharing stories from inside the Painted dog packs and updates from his organization, Painted Dog Research Trust. Working together, PDRT and GCF have some big plans on how to help save one of Africa’s most endangered species.
Arguably the most successful predator in Africa, Painted dogs have a success rate of 80-85%. Sometimes living in packs of 30 individuals, they work seamlessly as a team, always ready to adapt. Almost nomadic, they traverse massive territories. There one day, and gone the next, sometimes traveling 50km a day. Painted dogs live in very close family packs, being one of the few species to care for their ill, injured, and elderly. Being the last surviving member of the Genus: Lycaon, they are one of the most ancient wolf like canids on earth; with multi-colored coats of gold, black, and white and mickey mouse shaped ears, they have withstood the test of time.

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