Collaring Elephants in South Africa

Photo Above – A GCF team member helps collect toe nail samples from the elephant while it is under anesthesia.

March 3rd 2020

Teamwork and collaboration are truly necessary to make more conservation efforts possible.

Photo Above – Willem Pieterson poses with an old elephant tracking collar.

On WorldWildlifeDay , Global Conservation Force, and our good friends at Nkombe Rhino teamed up to help fund elephant GPS collaring procedures in the Greater Kruger Park of South Africa, lead, organized, and coordinated by Elephants Alive.

Photo Above – Researchers from Elephants Alive fit new GPS collar around the elephants neck.

Global Conservation Force and Nkombe put R27,500, each, towards the project and the group of Eco Adventurers, who joined Mike Veale in partnership with @nkombeafrica tours, collectively put R25,000 towards the big day.

Photo Above – The Global Conservation Force team and Willem Pieterson from Nkombe Rhino pose with the elephant after he receives his new GPS collar.

All of this would not have been possible without the amazing work by @elephantsalive , and them allowing us to combine efforts and come along for the adventure. We can’t forget to mention the amazing helicopter pilot @gerryheli , and the skilled Veterinarians who made the day a huge success.

Our crew was lucky and was able to join in on 2 other elephant collaring procedures, funded by other donors, all in effort to maximize efficiency and efforts. If you have planned a trip to join a conservation activity or visit a wildlife reserve, we suggest that you postpone, instead of cancel. Many wildlife protection, conservation, and research projects depend on your visits.

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