Down to Earth with Dagmar – “The Extinction Crisis” – Rhino Conservation Documentary

Global Conservation Force and NBC’s Dagmar Midcap joined forces to film a rhino conservation documentary.



Follow Mike Veale, GCF Founder & President, as he takes Dagmar Midcap, of NBC 7 San Diego, on a journey documenting GCF’s role in rhino conservation and protection.


This special 30 minute documentary airs Super Bowl Sunday 2018, after the game.


Click here to support rhino conservation efforts



Special ‘Thanks’ to all of our conservation partners that were part of the filming!



To support their efforts directly please click the links below.


Nkombe Rhino

Wild Tomorrow Fund

Zululand Rhino Orphanage


Phinda Game Reserve

Kariega Game Reserve

Dr William Fowlds

Kudu Cottage Hoedspruit


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  • Avatar Julie Herman says:

    Great information on what is going on with Rhinos in Africa, how they are being killed in record numbers and how to save them from extinction. I want to join with others to help keep them alive. I’d love to see further reporting on the Rhinos status, as well as other animals that need help. Thank you!

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