Emergency Response Funds – Rhino Conservation

In response to the Covid19 economic impacts we initiated an emergency response fund to aid our long time wildlife conservation and protection partners. This emergency fund has been made possible by a collection of private donations, GCF merchandise sales, and funds raised from our beer and wine collaboration sales.

African Rhino Conservation Collaboration (ARRC), South Africa

R57,437  ($3,500) for @williamfowlds to purchase several rhino GPS ear tags. These gps ear tags play a critical role in rhino monitoring and protection efforts. Allowing the anti poaching units, who oversee these specific rhino, to keep closer tabs and respond with better efficiency for daily and urgent duties.

R8,519 ($500) to help continue the monitoring of illegal wildlife activities in the region.

Pictured above, Dr William Fowlds with a black rhino during a veterinary procedure. Photo Credit – David Dettman

Amakhala Game Reserve, South Africa

R57,473.50 ($3,250) in emergency response funds for a salary budget dedicated to cover anti poaching unit (APU) salaries at full payroll, for several months, while the lodges ride out the covid closures.



On patrol with the GCF Mounted Anti Poaching Unit.

Photo Credit – Mike Veale

GCF Mounted Anti Poaching Unit, Eastern Cape, South Africa

R6,815 ($400) for new night housing for the horses. A personal donation made by Roxane Losey, GCF Mounted Anti Poaching Units Coordinator and Instructor.

A GCF Mounted Anti Poaching Ranger on patrol.

Photo Credit – A Strydom

Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa

R51,100 ($3,000) in emergency funds to cover salaries for the anti poaching unit. With tourism dollars vanishing overnight it is extremely important to keep established and well trained anti poaching units in place by maintaining salaries. Wildlife security costs are an ongoing problem during covid, so it is never too late to donate and make an impact. 📸 @brendon_jennings_

Nourish NPO, Bushbuck Ridge, South Africa

R18,500, ($1,000) to provide 45,000 meals, which equates to more than 100 food parcels to 100 families. That alone provides food security to about 500 peoples for about a month! Food security for people is an ongoing problem so it is never too late to donate and make an impact.

“Food security should be a basic human right.
Nourish was so humbled to be able to distribute 145 parcels over the last 2 days filled with enough food to last a family for a month. This means we are reaching over 750 people who are suffering and in need of food.
We are starting to get calls daily and it’s heartbreaking how much the poverty is growing and impacting people’s lives.
To all who gave to made this possible;

• Nourish’s Instagram Post

A special ‘Thank you!’ to our donors, from all of us at Global Conservation Force, for helping us to provide this vital assistance!

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