GCF Australia Team Deploys to Provide Sponsored Combat Medical Courses to Frontline Anti Poaching Rangers

Our GCF Australia team has started another set of ranger training workshops across Southern Africa.

What better day would be better to announce the start of another one of our courses dedicated to saving the lives of frontline WildlifeGuardians.

Did you know that 100 rangers, on average, die protecting wildlife annually? In some cases lack of medical training and medical supplies are part of the cause.

This month we’ll be training multiple ranger units who work hard, 24/7, to protect rhino, elephant, giraffe, pangolin and African painted dogs. After each course is completed the rangers will receive certificates of course completion and their own personal combat medical first aid kits (IFAKs).

This is all been made possible by your generous support of our wildlife protection and conservation causes. The more support we receive, the more rangers we sponsor with new patrol gear, training, and advanced technology. The better support rangers receive, the better the wildlife protection efforts.


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