GCF Combat Medical Instructors “Guests of Honor” at Anti-Poaching Ranger Graduation Ceremony

Global Conservation Force Combat Medical Instructors, Chris Laursen and John Green, were guests at a recent anti poaching ranger graduation ceremony in South Africa.

Chris and John had just started a GCF sponsored combat medical field course for rangers in the Greater Kruger National Park, and the timing was perfect!

The Protrack Anti Poaching base in Hoedspruit was the first stop to receive sponsored training for members of the Hemmersbach Rhino Task Force, Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit, and The Rhino Task Team NPO anti-poaching rangers. And, it just so happened to coincide with the final day of the recent anti poaching ranger intake course for Protrack Anti Poaching Unit.

Chris was honored with the privilege to hand out awards to the “Top of Class” and “Best Tracker.” Chris added to the awards by rewarding the ranger who received “Top in Class” with a GCF sponsored personal field emergency first aid kit (IFAK).

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