GCF Receives Grant from ‘The San Diego Foundation’

We would like to send a rhino-sized ‘Thank you!’

to the

Wheatly Family Foundation Fund

The Wheatly Family Foundation requested a grant from the San Diego Foundation for our wildlife conservation, anti-poaching, and community conservation efforts! With this end-of-2017 funding boost we were able to make our plans for January 2018. Marty Kimble, GCF Director/Treasurer and Krav Maga Instructor, went on deployment to South Africa in the beginning of January 2018 and trained 54 rangers, and rhino orphan caretakers, in advanced hand to hand combat, self defense, weapons tactics, and counter attack and tactics to fight off multiple assailants. This mission is part of our Operation Rhino Shield initiative to support “frontline” conservationist and rangers fighting to protect rhino in the heart of the poaching crisis zones.

The grant was able to fully cover this deployment, and wildlife saving mission. When a GCF Instructor is deployed our goal is to build up and advance the skillsets of the locals protecting the endangered wildlife. With each sponsored training course, and skillset workshop, we see improvements in safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and morale. These are vital gains in the fight against extinction. If your business or foundation would like to sponsor a GCF conservation initiative please contact us. We can custom cater the efforts from supporting kids in the communities around the national parks, and education programs, to wildlife research, and anti-poaching efforts.

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