About GCF’s Anti Poaching K9s

Global Conservation Force has supported K9 anti poaching units, rangers, and dogs since 2015. From the start we have also been strategically aligning our own K9 Unit. This required patience and dedication.

In the United States and Europe, trained working dogs can cost between $15,000 to $120,000 USD depending on their skills and pedigree. However, their value in the field of anti poaching is priceless.

“According to the College’s counter-poaching data, when responding to incursions without any K9 asset, the apprehension rate is low, about 3-5%. Working with a K9 Unit, it increases to 54%! That is a more than 10 fold increase…” – South African Wildlife College

A K9 unit has special needs and requires a monthly budget much like the ranger who is the designated handler.

Before an anti poaching unit receives a trained K9 we need to make sure the unit has trained and certified rangers to handle a K9. The ranger unit should also have a stable reserve management infrastructure which includes other rangers, a care taking staff, vehicles, and kennels. The K9s require safe housing, high quality food and supplements, continued training, regular vet exams, flea and tick treatment, and downtime.

With all costs factored in, it costs us $310 a month, per K9, to make sure they have top notch care, training, food, and housing.

After working on project details, partnership alignments, placements, sponsorships, training, gear, and dedicated funding, we chose to purchase Denali from Nick Meier, of Meier K9, in March 2019.

GCF now owns 8, 100% KNPV blooded, Belgian Malinois. 6 are being raised and trained at Kilo9 Kennels, in South Africa, for future deployment throughout Africa. The other two trained with Nick Meier until they are 16 weeks of age, and then transferred over to Kilo9 Kennels.

The pups will be developed in all working dog fields until we decide what discipline they will specialize in.

Information on GCF’s Working Dog Bloodline

Denali, a GCF K9, BRN 30637, is daughter of KNPV all-time-great Mido. He attained his PH1 with a perfect score 435/435 pts.That got him an invitation to the KNPV Championships where he scored 429 /435 pts. He is the son of the famous Jary Berghorst who is a “super producer” and has great offspring through out the world.

On Denali’s maternal side she is granddaughter to Barry II, who needs no introduction being one of the most sought after studs in recent years.

The stud Reaper (Archie BRN 25962) is a powerhouse Belgian Malinois. Reaper is from the strongest working lines out there including the likes of Jochie, Duco II and Django. Reaper does it all, from competition style obedience to every application working dog needs to do. He tracks, does building / area searches, muzzle fights, detection, civil alerts, hidden bites and stuck a 45min passive bite. You name it, he owns it. Credit to his owner Jeremy Ciepluch. Special thanks to Nick Meier for setting us up as well. 

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