It’s time for Fantasy Fauna Frenzy!

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Ah, spring.  A glorious time for all things sportsball — tournaments and playoffs for some wrapping up their seasons, and spring training and season openers for others.  This year, we’re getting in on the action with our very own Fantasy Fauna Frenzy!

We talk a lot about our core species—rhinos, elephants, giraffes, painted dogs, and pangolins—but what about some of the other lesser-known species that are facing their own challenges?  This is their time to shine!  And you can help us pick who makes it to the Sweet 16 bracket of the tournament.

This Sunday, March 14, we’re taking to social media to preview 32 teams – 16 each from our two divisions, Africa and Asia.  Place your votes and the winners from each of the 16 pairings will advance to the tournament which begins on Saturday, March 27th.

We’ll post the brackets and standings here on this page, so check back to see who’s in the lead!

To participate in this weekend’s Selection Sunday, as well as the tournament, be sure to follow along on Instagram or Facebook!


Fantasy Fauna Frenzy Tournament Standings

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