K9 Field First Aid Course Saves A Very Important Life

Just a few weeks after the K9 Handlers of the Eastern Cape, of South Africa, finished their GCF Sponsored K9 Field First Aid Course, taught by William Fowlds , there was an emergency that required those new skills.

As Sammy, a K9 for Amakhala’s Anti-Poaching Unit, approached her handler he noticed something was wrong. The handler, with his new skillsets, was able to identify that it was time sensitive and serious. Sammy was whining but was exhibiting no obvious signs of trauma or illness. Unable to identify a specific issue, he and the team got in contact with Dr. William Fowlds and rushed Sammy to the Veterinary Hospital. Once at the veterinary hospital they were able to identify that Sammy’s stomach had a stomach torsion. She was rushed into surgery and veterinary team was able to fix her stomach and save Sammys life.

“Sammy would’ve died for sure but quick action saved her” said Dr. William Fowlds

But wait, there’s more…

Two other K9s, Nitus working with Amakhala’s Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) and surrounding reserves, and Chiwa working with the APU at Lalibella Reserve, were also quickly stabilized and treated by their handlers. Nitus of sustained an abdominal laceration, requiring a couple stitches, and the Chiwa tore his paw pad, which required a wrap and rest.

In both situations, their handlers acted quickly and were able to stop the bleeding, stabilize their K9, and transport them to the Veterinary Hospital for a full Veterinary Exam.

“We would like to extend a special thank you to our dedicated K9 Donors. Our efforts would not be possible without you. Quite frankly, you are literally savings dozens of lives a year.”

~ Mike Veale, Founder, Global Conservation Force

Sammy, a German Shepherd, was sponsored to Amakhala and is supported by @chipembere_rhino_foundation

Nitus, a Belgian Malinois, is supported by @wildernessfoundation

Chiwa, a Dutch Shepherd, was sponsored to Lalibella and is supported by @wildhoodfoundation



📸 Daniel Hasselic

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