Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit Cross Training Day

The anti-poaching recruits got to learn about horse care, mounted patrols, participated in several drills to show the advantages of the horses, and put some time in helping to tidy up the place.
For many, this was their first in person contact with a trained horse. One recruit was brave enough to hop in the saddle and get a basic riding lesson from Kamva and Roxane.
All in all the recruits walked away with a good understanding of how much work goes into a day at the Mounted Unit.
Special thanks to all of our donors and sponsors who make all of our programs possible. Without your support we couldn’t offer so many layers of training, programs, and operations. Thank you!

The manure from the GCF Mounted unit horses is collect for the Kariega Foundation community gardens project.

The Global Conservation Force Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit works on the Kariega Game Reserve with extended community based conservation efforts with the Kariega Foundation.
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Photo Credits – Mike Veale

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