Mounted Anti Poaching Unit Update – December

We are thrilled to announce the next developments in our Mounted Anti Poaching Unit collaboration project. With the support of donors, from World Rhino Day 2017, LA, and donors from our Second Annual Wildlife Gala, we were able to purchase two anglo-arab mares that will be fully dedicated to the rangers.

     The horses were purchased from a local, South African, family near the reserve. This very important for habituation to local weather conditions and wildlife.

     To support the horses from the unit we also purchased two more water troughs, piping, and tick preventative.

The horses live in a safe grazing pasture and will rotate to a few other pastures to make sure they always have access to grazing. The next move in the funding of the project is to provide a dedicated stipend for the rangers who are selected to be the Mounted (Equine) anti-poaching rangers.

If you are just tuning into the Mounted Anti Poaching Project, these horses are working to protect rhino, elephant, giraffe, and many other species of wildlife, in South Africa.

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