A New Generation Of Anti Poaching Rangers Have Hit The Ground Running!

Give the recruits a round of applause, they are now anti poaching rangers! After a grueling course they’ve taken their final exams and field assessments. 

Each anti poaching ranger recruit was locally selected as part of a long term, regional, and multi focal program to further develop and involve young adult South Africans into the professional field of wildlife conservation and protection. 

Photo Credit – Daniel Hasselich

Global Conservation Force anti poaching bootcamp in partnership with Kariega Game Reserve. GCF Instructors operations and costs covered by an Elephant Cooperation grant for this intake. 

Special thanks to Rhino Tears for covering the recruit costs.

Photo Credit – Daniel Hasselich

Want to learn more about their training? Visit the Global Conservation Force Youtube channel to watch multiple videos following the course.

📸 Daniel Hasselich 

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