Painted Dog 5K/10K Run


Pace the Painted dog, if you dare!
Start off the new year with a new challenge.

Saturday, 26 January 2019
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Guajome Park
3000 Guajome Lake Rd, Oceanside, CA 92057


5k – $40

10k – $50

The most successful endurance hunter(runner) in the world needs your help! Here is your opportunity to race in honor and support of one of Africa’s most endangered species, the Painted dog or “African Wild dog”. Able to run 44mph at a sprint and hold 35mph for 3 miles, the Painted dog boasts a hunting success rate of 80-85%.

Running tech T-shirt, finisher medal, and sponsored goodie bags.

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African Painted Dogs are a unique predator that once ranged most of the continent of Africa. One of two crepuscular/diurnal predators in Africa, they are more at risk of extinction than the big cats of Africa. There are less than 6,600 African Painted Dogs left. Loss of habitat, human/wildlife conflict, accidental snaring and domestic pet diseases have taken a toll on their populations.

Luckily there are many ways we can help tackle these problems and we are already heading into the fight to protect them. We are starting to set up advanced ranger training programs, group snare removal programs in areas that rangers don’t patrol, free vaccine clinics for local communities who have cats and dogs where they overlap with African Painted Dogs, and community conservation projects with education outreach to help locals understand how unique these rare canines are. We are hoping to build community schools in some of the most rural areas of Africa to better support education outreach for all of the species we fight to keep safe.

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Interested in being a sponsor for this event or know someone who is? Contact our Painted Dog Conservation Coordinator Weston Popichak, at to learn more about our sponsorship tiers and donation needs!

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