Sponsored Gear Delivered To One Of Our Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit Collaborations in KwaZulu-Natal

Another successful handoff of sponsored patrol gear for mounted anti-poaching rangers who protect rhinos! We are proud to collaborate with Ezemvelo KZN wildlife, Project Rhino, Project Rhino’s Mounted Unit, and Grant Fowlds with this dedicated mounted anti-poaching unit.

By working together, the mounted unit has made great progress!

GCF’s Mounted Anti Poaching operations, training, and support wing has seen setbacks and delays in gear supply this year due to COVID lockdowns, but we were able to make some moves this week thanks to Grant Fowlds and Natasha, GCF’s K9 Anti-Poaching Units Project Coordinator.

Special ‘thanks!’ to our donors who made the sponsorship of this entire unit, not all pictured, possible. These rigs are customized for their duties as mounted rangers and they’re very excited to have it!

Photos 1 – 3 📸 Chrisjan Visser, thanks for using your personal vehicle for a detour to drop gear off.

Photo 4 📸 Grant Fowlds

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