Sponsored Self Defense and First Aide for Anti Poaching Rangers

Chris and Marty just wrapped up several training workshops with a Anti Poaching Units from the Greater Kruger Park to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This section of sponsored training covered over 60 rangers working on the frontlines of wildlife protection. From rhinos to pangolin, and every animal in-between, these rangers are the first line of defense.

The teams got a refresher in Krav Maga self defense, taught by Marty, and a full course in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, taught by Chris.

Skilled and efficient anti poaching units are more effective at stopping and catching poachers. Special ‘Thanks!’ to everyone who supports our work.

This funding comes from our primary effort #operationrhinoshield. If you’ve been to any of our rhino events, purchased any rhino merchandise, attended the Gala, or have helped by hosting a World Rhino a day event you’re directly funding these efforts!

Marty and Chris also delivered desperately needed tactical patrol gear for just shy of 30 of the rangers. As a nice touch we always deliver the ‘Thank you’ letters written from kids around the world who attend our events or education courses.

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