Sponsored TECC Training & Sponsored Gear Handed Over for Anti-Poaching Units

Over the last two days, rangers from 4 different reserves joined our Lead Medic Instructor for advanced, field relevant, aspects of training in Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.
After the two day course, we sent 3 sponsored Snake Bite First Aid Kits and 2 sponsored biothane leashes for the units to utilize for their daily patrols.
We would like to express our utmost gratitude to all of our donors, supporters, and partners for making our continued efforts possible.
Funding for this course was provided by our #SaveTheHorns campaign and the snake bite first aid kits were donated to us by Brave Wilderness. Global Conservation Force has been providing sponsored world class field medical and tactical medical training programs to anti-poaching units and rangers since 2015.
Faces covered/altered at the request of the attending rangers.

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