Sumatra Anti Poaching Ranger Training And Sponsorships

In December, Mike, President and Founder of GCF, spent time training anti poaching rangers in the Leuser Ecosystem, Northern Sumatra, for rangers of the Sumatran Ranger Project. The Leuser ecosystem is the last shared habitat space for elephant, rhino, pangolin, orangutan, and tigers.

First Aide – First Responder Training

Intelligence driven patrols, utilizing drones.

Self Defense, Arrest Techniques, De-Escalation Tactics.

More sponsored gear for the rangers of Sumatran Ranger Project.

Prior to Mike’s arrival, Robert Pike, GCF Journalist, was on assignment in Northern Sumatra, alongside the Sumatran Ranger Project rangers. Robert spent time on their foot and camera trap patrols.

Robert witnessed, first-hand, how their work is saving wildlife. He and the team removed multiple snares set for wildlife. The snares were made from brake cables cut from scooters. All evidence and intel links the activities to local poachers pursuing bushmeat. Primary response for “why do you illegally hunt animals?”, in the region, is linked to poverty and lack of legal jobs.

We sponsored the needs for training, and also provided necessary gear. The team received brand new camera traps, handheld GPS units, boot socks, memory cards, waterproof phone cases, and 5 new smart phones, for their patrols.

Thank you for your continued support. With your help we continue to strengthen local ranger units around the world who are the last line of defense for endangered species.

Read the Quarterly Report from the Sumatran Ranger Project: Sumatran Ranger Project Quarterly Report 4, 2018



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