Training Rangers in Kenya

May 15 2019, Kenya

Today marked the end of the sponsored first aide and advanced tracking for the anti poaching rangers on the course. Calvin, Head GCF Anti Poaching Unit Instructor, and Raabia Hawa, one of our partners for ranger efforts in Kenya, handed our Certificates of Completion to each ranger as the course concluded.

The week prior, Calvin, GCF Head Anti Poaching Unit Instructor, was busy teaching a field first aide and advanced tracking course for anti poaching rangers from three different reserves. Due to the hard conditions anti poaching units face daily it is vital that they can provide basic medical care for their team. And, without advanced tracking techniques rangers may miss important directional, and or crime scene building details while pursuing poachers. Both skills era, tracking and first aide, will make these rangers more confident, efficient, and effective in their daily patrols protecting wildlife.

To make the rangers ready for every obstacle, the training is done both in a classroom and practicals are done in the bush. The group is brown into teams where they are put through scenarios and drills to practice their new skillsets under pressure.

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