Two Rhino Veterinary Procedures Sponsored For Rhino Conservation Efforts

This week, we sponsored two rhino veterinary procedures with Dr William Fowlds, @WilliamFowlds , to bolster rhino conservation and protection efforts for the region. 

Natasha, GCF K9 Anti Poaching Units Project Coordinator, joined with one of our professional development volunteers to get some hands on experience. 

During the procedures the crew notched the rhinos for identification, took DNA samples, placed microchips in the rhino horns, and took bio measurements of the two white rhino.

Special Thanks to all of our donors, supporters, partners, and volunteers who make these counties efforts possible. 

Are you looking to get hands on experience, travel for a purpose, or just “getaway” for a bit? Take a look at our Professional Development opportunities, Eco Tours, and volunteer opportunities. 

Watch the procedures and interview video >>> by clicking here!

📹 Natasha Frolander and Ikhala Veterinary Team

Video Edits: Mike Veale

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