Vargas-Goteo Jewelry Joins The Fight To Protect Rhinos!

Vargas-Goteo Jewelry Joins The Fight To Protect Rhinos!

Established in 2010 by designer Alex Prijic Smith, Vargas Goteo became one of the firsts in the field of jewelry design to initiate a new perspective on the value of poached, illegally traded and irresponsibly sourced wildlife for luxury goods. Highlighting their unique features, equally unique designs in sterling silver and gold celebrate vulnerable species and habitats. Combining eye-catching, thought-provoking design with ethical
and social responsibility, Alex creates statement pieces that start a conversation about
conservation and provide a way to contribute to causes and be a part of positive change.

All pieces are made in-house in Montreal, where Alex works with a team of traditionally skilled craftspeople. Collections raise awareness and contribute directly to carefully selected ocean and wildlife organization campaigns. The Hammers is a new collection of pendants inspired by the Mj√∂lnir of Norse mythology, or Thor’s Hammer. They represent, each with its own unique form and theme, the power we have to put good out into the world – and as all species are connected on this planet, it returns to us all.

The Rhino Hammer pendant features a stylized rhino footprint, flanked by horn details, with the base shape of the pendant reflecting the vest of wildlife rangers who work tirelessly to protect rhinos. Whether you wear the Rhino Hammer pendant as a symbol of protection, or just for your love for rhinos, you can’t go wrong with this intricately detailed and inspiring piece.

Sterling silver Hammers : $15USD donated (all models)

Link To Purchase Sterling Silver Hammers => CLICK HERE

14k gold Hammers : $50USD donated (all models)

Link To Purchase Gold Hammer => CLICK HERE

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