Volunteer Opportunity – Snare Removal Patrols – June 2023

Join the Global Conservation Force anti-poaching unit on upcoming snare patrols! We’ve partnered with multiple non profits, reserves, and private properties to expand our conservation impact and patrol coverage for snare removal. Now you can join us for a patrol!

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Our next Snare Patrol Eco Volunteer Program is planned for the month of June in the Western Cape of South Africa.  Space is limited on these programs, but they are a regular occurrence. These programs are more for the adventurous and outdoorsy folks. It is definitely not a luxury lodge stay EcoTour like our other programs. This is for the people who want to get hands on experience under the training and guidance of our rangers.

Global Conservation Force is excited to announce that we are offering training and volunteer opportunities with some of our snare patrol zones. Each program is setup for 7 – 10 days of coverage within an ongoing project area. These training and volunteer programs are not sold independently at a lodge or reserve. They have been custom created, curated, and scheduled to overlap one or more of the GCF areas of conservation and wildlife protection zones. Volunteers are guaranteed to see a wide variety of habitat, landscapes, and get to see some local tourist sites while joining our team for these programs.

This program is not a leisurely or luxury accommodation and photo safari tour. This volunteer program is more for the adventurous and active lifestyle group of people. If you are looking for those GCF EcoTour please see our EcoTour application.

1 ) Support and see your impact for anti-poaching effortsJoin our rangers, our partners who conduct research, and members from the local area while making a solid impact for wildlife conservation and protection.

2 ) Travel with purpose

Get hands on experience while training and patrolling with our rangers and see areas commonly restrict to members of the public!

3 ) Visit some of the local “must see sites”

Each Snare Patrol takes place in and around beautiful reserves in South Africa. Each area has unique tourism activities that we are happy to take you to in-between program operations.

The Trip Price Includes

– A GCF Hat, Shirt, and Sticker combo

– Pickup and Drop off from the established pickup point (hotel)
– All transportation while on the GCF projects
– All accommodation during the program
– Hands on experience
– Grocery budget for all home base cooking
– Access to all GCF patrol zones (include park fees and certain registrations)

– Guided activities to tourism sites (GCF Team Member Led)

****Excluded In The Price****

Dining out

Tourism activity fees or entrance costs
Purchase of Alcohol or Alcoholic Beverages
Purchase of any curios or souvenirs
Any additional booking requests or activities outside of the listed program
Any accommodation on the way to the trip or out of the trip
– IE Lodging outside of the booked dates of the Eco Tour* Things like weather, animal placement, veterinary medical emergencies, and program schedules can potential cause delays or conflicts in schedule.

Snares are silent killers for wildlife around the world. The cheap and easily design and application makes this method of poaching very common. Snares can stay active in an environment for a very long time, which is why it takes consistent sweeps and patrols to remove and reduce the negative impact for wildlife.

Read more about Snare Poaching Issues – Click HERE

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