We have puppies!

We have an exciting announcement!!

We have 9 Belgian Malinois pups being raised for a new job in wildlife protection. Denali, our Adult female Belgian Malinois, gave birth to her puppies almost two weeks ago, today.

Once they hit 6 weeks old each puppy will start their training. At 10 weeks we will start shipping them to the Greater Kruger Park area of South Africa where our partners at Kilo 9 Kennels will tackle the rest of their training. After they’ve hit the correct age they will be sponsored for anti poaching units/rangers that are protecting rhino, elephant, and pangolins.

Donors will be able to name the puppies and maintain consistent communication with ground teams who employ the K9s.

If you are interested in “adopting” a new working anti poaching K9, please contact us.

Special ‘Thanks!’ to Nick Meier of Meier K9s for working with us on the purchase of Denali.

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