Welcome to the Global Conservation Force-Kariega Anti-Poaching Unit!

Welcome to the team, Rangers!

After a much deserved break, the new GCF Rangers are now on duty with our anti-poaching unit.Pro will now help Khamva and Roxane teach horse grooming basics for two of the recent GCF graduates.


All of the the GCF ranger graduates from the 2023 GCF Annual Community Selection Anti-Poaching Bootcamp have secured jobs as part of our program design. As of today all of the new rangers have started their jobs at our partnering reserves.

Want to learn more about our programs, projects, and mission? Please visit, www.GlobalConservationForce.org and www.SaveTheHorns.com

The @GlobalConservationForce Mounted Anti-Poaching Unit works on @Kariega.Game.Reserve with extended community based conservation efforts in partnership with the Kariega Foundation.

📸 Natasha Frolander

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