Wildlife Education Courses – Vietnam

Global Conservation Force has been focusing heavily on education in all project areas. Last week, we visited Hanoi, Vietnam, to help mentor a new project called Wild Warriors. This new conservation education program consists of 10 free lessons where elementary kids can learn about wildlife in their country which is not currently offered. The program was created by a group called Wildhand, a local organization located in Vietnam. Thuy An elementary school is situated near Ba Vi national park which houses hundreds of endangered endemic species. This school has given us the opportunity to utilize their classroom on weekends with around 80 students attending each lesson. We are excited to see the huge differences this program can make for local species and our future generation.

Our work with the Wild Warriors program in Vietnam promises a new perspective on wildlife. Lauren lee, a mentor of these courses visited the Wildhand team at the beginning of March for the start of their program. During this visit, the team was on their way to creating their second lesson for the students on bears and bear bile-a hot topic that can be found in the areas surrounding the school. We focus on making using education as a tool for combating human-wildlife issues like trafficking. Other local NGOs like Animals Asia has also provided more educational materials and resources like synthetic botanic bear bile. The students are always eager to learn in these interactive courses and prove that their is still hope for change!

Elementary students are welcome in the areas surrounding Ba Vi national park to partake in a free program hosted by Wildhand. With the hope of inspiring, educating, and empowering the next generation, Global Conservation Force is proud to be the mentors of the courses. The program has been designed to target the most serious wildlife issues in the area with a finale of visiting the local park. Education coordinator, Lauren lee, is helping mentor this project as the team and students complete their program which is inclusive of 10 lessons including visits to rehabilitation and research centers. This week, their third lesson was completed on primates and the following Sunday will cover some of the birds found Vietnam! We hope that instilling a passion for wildlife and community throughout our work will lead to more future conservationists. Stay tuned to follow the Wild Warriors program!

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