Wildlife Education and Demand Reduction – Vietnam

Global Conservation Force has been supporting a new conservation education course in Vietnam called Wild Warriors. This program, open on weekends to local elementary kids, was a free opportunity for students to immerse themselves into local issues and explore Vietnam’s unique nature. This integral opportunity has enriched the knowledge of students about wildlife and conservation, influenced students, teachers, and families about issues with wildlife products, and nurtured a long term love for wildlife.
All courses were developed by a local team of undergraduate and graduate students in Vietnam to bring awareness to local wildlife and human-wildlife conflicts. The rural community near Ba Vi, Hanoi, Vietnam, is susceptible to illegal wildlife trafficking and some cultural uses of animal products. To combat this issue, Global Conservation Force mentored and supported this program with $3,400.00 usd which supported about 75 students, of 200, who have almost completed this program.
On May 18th, the students will be wrapping up their 8 week program with a final recap visit to Cuc Phuong National Park! GCF is proud to have allocated funds towards a worthy program from the creation of handbooks and resources for each lesson, as well as full support and mentorship for 24 Wildhand team members. This successful program has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from teachers and students.

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