World Elephant Day 2018

Ivory isn’t just a Color

Unfortunately many people think ivory is just a color for things like wedding dresses, and paint; but there are way more important, and threatening, things happening with this precious “ivory”. Ivory is an important part of an elephant’s teeth, and is needed for protection and many other things in their daily life. Unfortunately elephants are being poached and their ivory is used for many other things such as trophies, piano keys, trinkets, and other human goods.

The escalation of poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, and mistreatment in captivity are just some of the threats to both African and Asian elephants. We are working towards better protection for wild elephants; improving enforcement policies to prevent the illegal poaching and trade of ivory, conserving elephant habitats, and having rangers that are trained and equipped to help save these gentle giants. Today, are less than 400,000 elephants left in Africa, and less than 4,000 Asian Elephants left in Thailand.

Help is needed for these numbers to stop declining towards the path of extinction. GCF is doing a huge part in helping elephants in Africa, as well as many other species including rhinos and giraffes.

Herds stick Together

In 2014, Global Conservation Force stepped up to help the declining elephant populations by helping anti poaching rangers in 5 elephant poaching crisis countries. Global Conservation Force sponsors rangers with new gear, technology, and field training, but this is not an easy feat to do alone. Global Conservation Force needs support from individuals like YOU that can help the fight against extinction and global animal poaching and trafficking.

These rangers are putting their lives at risk everyday to help stop elephants from being poached and killed for their beautiful body parts and in particular ivory tusks.  They cannot do it alone; and they cannot do it without the proper gear and training. When you support with GCF ,you allow us to give funds to the rangers for proper equipment, gear, and training.

You can make a difference, by painting, donating, or even helping by checking the GCF’s wish list by contacting us directly.

Global Conservation Force Asks You to Join Us

Help us protect elephants in the wild by coming out to our

World Elephant Day Fundraiser!

August 12th


Painting with a Twist in San Diego


5:30pm -7pm

Cost: $35 per person, includes 1 beverage ticket

(Good for a Red or White wine)

Over 21 side of the event with access to alcoholic beverages

Buy Tickets for World Elephant Day Paint Night

All ages side of the event, with no alcoholic beverages

All Ages Ticket Link for World Elephant Day Paint Night

If Elephants can Paint, So Can You

Pack your trunk full of creativity and join Global Conservation Force on August 12th for  our annual painting event on behalf of elephants at the San Diego Painting with a Twist. Elephants are being threatened every single day and need our help to survive and be able to be their creative selves too.  

Just like we use our hands to create brush strokes for art; Elephants use their trunks in all sorts of creative ways including holding branches to play or clear a path. Elephants are also social creatures who like to spend time with others, just like we do!

Unfortunately for many elephants , their numbers are drastically being decreased everyday.. At current rates, we are losing an elephant every 8 hours to poachers. With help and support from individuals like YOU,  GCF is able to fight this war against extinction!

Can’t make it to the event?  You can pack a BIG impact

by us in supporting the cause  by donating through our website at

Donate Towards Elephant Conservation

Written by – Bree Barney, GCF Conservation Officer


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Photo Credits : Kim Mcleod

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