World Elephant Day 2019 Festivities

Elephants are amazing animals. We’ve all seen stories of elephants helping members of their herd, or visiting humans that came to their aid in years past, but did you know elephants are keystone species? A variety of plants and animals that share their habitat depend on elephants for survival. Elephants dig holes for water that other animals end up using as well. When it rains, elephant footprints fill with water and these puddles become homes for tadpole and insects. By eating trees & shrubs, elephants not only make room for grass to grow that zebras & other animals graze on, and it also clears paths for smaller animals to use. After elephants eat the trees, many die and become homes for lizards and other small animals. Seeds from the trees & shrubs that elephants eat end up in their poop and dispersed across the savannah. Elephants are true ecological engineers!

World Elephant Day is August 12. Help Global Conservation Force celebrate all things elephant by joining us for one of our events:


Tree Gift Cards for Elephants

We have partnered with Trees for a Change to help replant trees in U.S. National Forests that have been devastated by wildfire. During the month of August, a portion of Tree Gift Cards sold through our World Elephant Day campaign will go to GCF to help support our elephant conservation projects.  Be like an elephant. Plant a tree!



World Elephant Day – Tucson

We’ll be at Caps & Corks in Tucson on Saturday, August 10 with delicious wine & brews, live music from Paul Opocensky,  and some amazing food from Pops Hot Chicken food truck. We’ll have silent auction items to bid on and special limited-edition merchandise items will be for sale.  The fun starts at 5pm and is a free event.  (more details)

World Elephant Day – San Diego

Longship Brewery will be our home for our San Diego World Elephant Day event. To keep you satiated, The Carver, Coal & Barrel will be serving up their deliciousness, and Hello, Donut will satisfy your sweet tooth with their mini donuts. We’ll have some great elephant merchandise up for raffle as well.  Come play giant Jenga, cornhole, or just enjoy another fabulous San Diego afternoon. (more details)


Pacific Plate Brewing Co Earthshaker Stout logo

World Elephant Day – Los Angeles

Earthshaker Stout, anyone?! Get crafty while drinking one of Pacific Plate’s Brews for APUs! Support elephants and take home a handmade elephant project.  All of the fun happens on Saturday, August 10. (more details)



Elephants numbers are drastically being decreased every day. At current rates, we are losing an elephant every 8 hours to poachers. With help and support from individuals like you, Global Conservation Force is able to fight this war against elephant poaching.

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